Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolutions


Happy New Year! May your resolutions make you a better, fitter, more successful, more organized, cleaner, more endearing, easier going type of person. Almost all my resolutions have to do with career advancements. I'm so on it! I'm already perfect, of course, so I didn't need any personal improvement. right.
Don't get confused, kind reader, when I post three or four posts on this blog this week. Don't think for an instant that my resolution had anything to do with my blog. I am just at the tail end of three paintings, needing only a bit here and there and a go with the digital camera. In fact, what I plan to update is my website. I think I said that last year as well. But now I have the new programs to make it happen, and with a little duck tape and rope and some quality time with the closet, my boys shouldn't be a problem.
New year-new sketch book. Here's the cover and first drawing in my new sketch book to keep it visual..I mean real. I usually take a drawing from the old sketchbook for the cover to start out the new book. This gives it a feeling of continuity. I don't often post my sketches because they are constantly being added to. In fact the cover is just waiting for a park playdate with crows to give her a nice black bird head. You can already see it turned toward the tree, can't you?

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