Saturday, November 3, 2012

the Stitches of Spring Fall into Winter

  Stitching Autumn 55"x18"
click on picture for larger image
Yeash- Sorry Reader, this new version of Blogger doesn't have a size option for images (that I can find). You will just have to come and schedule a studio visit. I like studio visits. You dont have to buy a painting. Its just fun to sit and meet you with a cup of tea. Of course it was lovely when a lady, who saw my Tandem Hares painting in the Bohemian(a local weekly paper), scheduled a visit, and bought a large Animeople- Freed by the Flame. Did I already blog that? I'm still reeling.
Obviously I am loving our autumn. It is my favorite season. So here the red winged blackbird stitches the pomegranate tree to the sky but already her stitches come unraveled and leaves are falling. So it turns. And who is the maker? And who the destroyer? Crafty birds. ;-)
Next up and already in the works- a bigger animeople- in a very colorful palette to combat the winter greys. She will be painted into a large oval frame. Can't wait to show you!