Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dancing Magnolia and Spring


Magnolia Dancers
18" x 40.5"

actually Kind Reader- I have finished quite a few pieces. I'm trying to get it all together for my solo show at RiskPress Gallery this coming June (opening probably June 2nd). So no more big oils- no time! Instead all the other bleh stuff to do- promotion, cards, web site updates, framing. all that joy. I will scan and post my newer watercolors and all the small drawing Im doing for a 'reuse' interactive piece when I get a few more minutes. Don't hold your breath!

Meanwhile I made a cloak for my soon to be 8 year olds birthday. They get a big birthday every other year. This year it's Benjamins turn. We seem to be raising a big hearted geek. Could be worse! And look at this pose. It was so worth the hours spent sewing this lined velveteen cloak to see him get in the mode with it on. And yes- he is on the roof on a windy day. lol.

In case you still think I am being lazy I made this arch to hold up our lemon and apricot tree on the front path. I still need two more small old windows for the upper sections, so Kind Reader, if you have one sittin about please drop it off.

Goodness is spring here? It is on my mantel! I had a few little stuffed birds left over from a large baby mobile I made for some good friends who just adopted a baby. the flowers are washed wool and vintage buttons. Easy fun crafty stuff. Happy Spring!!