Saturday, December 25, 2010

Oragami Deer

8"x8" watercolor
No title yet. I'll have to ask my half Japanese sister-in-law. I'm sure she can come up with something clever. So lovely to sit inside on a rainy holiday and paint for four hours. Norman gave me a digital record player, so I situated myself at the table, recording great old vinal, and painting my strange Animeople.
I find animal headed people everywhere now. Perhaps its a Jungian thing, all these artists, fishing images out of the waters of the collective subconscious. I sometimes write to other artists when I find their animeoples. But they never write back. I guess that 'collective subconcious' prefers to remain anonymous on a conscious level. No above ground grouping together.
Two Animeople oils almost done!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two New Watercolors

Sorry, Kind reader, I am working quite a bit, I just seem to be falling behind at photographing and blogging the work...So, to get started catching up, here are two new watercolors.


The Queens Tea

I think I may have mentioned I paint at a cafe' near Phineas's preschool. Going all the way to my studio would loose me a precious half hour of painting time. But painting at a coffee house is a challenge. I have learned to choose well lit corners where I surreptitiously spread out my painting paraphernalia so that no one can sit too close. I realize it is probably better business to let people see me work but I'd rather glare at people in general than socially chat about the painting. So I tip up the paper block with my purse and try not to smile to invitingly. You can join me anytime, of course, for a cup of tea.