Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sneak Peek

I know it seems like I have been avoiding you, but really I've just been quite busy! I finishes a commissioned piece, that I don't care to post here, and I THINK I finished this other commissioned work as well- a portrait of a Lady and her Grandaughters. But it hasn't yet been 'approved' and until it's officially done I shall wait and just show you, Patient Reader, two unfortunately quite dark close-ups of the grand-daughters. Then, in the next few days I shall scrape together some time from under the fingernail of my days and post a few more small pieces I have finished and better close-ups. Till then...

Monday, July 12, 2010

July Fairy House Workshop

Some of the finished houses. Always so fun to see others creations. One boy devised a window with a curtain in a turret that was fabulous. Another house looked almost Eastern, another choose great fabric combination's and another house has a wonderful play with a simple color palette.
Before we started- here are some of the materials- now almost all gone. I need to prep for my August show so no workshop in August. If you want to sign up write me now to reserve your place for a Sunday in September- probably the 11th or 18th...or if there are enough people- both!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lady Fox's Outing and a Commision Unseen


Lady Fox's Outing
on my mantle...8" High? Something like that
I like displaying the paintings this way. Perhaps I will create a shelf for the Castle in the Air Show and line a few of the Animeople pieces up, then hang a few, then a get the idea, my faithful reader, you always do.
I finished a commission as well- a trade (don't read this you tax people you!) in exchange for free daycare for my older son over the summer as well as a weekend of babysitting both boys. I looove trades! At any rate- I'm not showing you the finished piece because I had to use a really lowsy low res print of a badly scanned photo for reference (it was a portrait my daycare providers father and recently, sadly, passed away mother). Note to self: DON'T agree to let the berieved father/husband/person choose his favorite picture of his partner to be painter. Get a handful and choose the most interesting photo instead and the
one that is in focus.

close-up of da Bunny. I think he needs a name. Ideas?