Monday, August 22, 2011

A Tea Ceremony and Soldiers Marching through Time

Tea Ceremony
2' x 4'
This ones been fun. I do so like to combine all the ways I like to paint- you know. So, dear Reader, I have a tree painting, an animeople people, and carved wood. Graphic style with realistic. Two wood ducks having tea in a bonsai

close ups

Foot Soldier
30" x 48"?

and in case you thought I was just sitting around. Originally I was going to paint each of these animeoples as a separate painting. But who wants to dwell on soldiers for half a year? So I combined them, focusing my attentions on my favorites. The research was fun- I had to find foot-soldiers through time- not generals- and then use the art from that period, and find an animal they would have depicted.