Saturday, November 3, 2012

the Stitches of Spring Fall into Winter

  Stitching Autumn 55"x18"
click on picture for larger image
Yeash- Sorry Reader, this new version of Blogger doesn't have a size option for images (that I can find). You will just have to come and schedule a studio visit. I like studio visits. You dont have to buy a painting. Its just fun to sit and meet you with a cup of tea. Of course it was lovely when a lady, who saw my Tandem Hares painting in the Bohemian(a local weekly paper), scheduled a visit, and bought a large Animeople- Freed by the Flame. Did I already blog that? I'm still reeling.
Obviously I am loving our autumn. It is my favorite season. So here the red winged blackbird stitches the pomegranate tree to the sky but already her stitches come unraveled and leaves are falling. So it turns. And who is the maker? And who the destroyer? Crafty birds. ;-)
Next up and already in the works- a bigger animeople- in a very colorful palette to combat the winter greys. She will be painted into a large oval frame. Can't wait to show you!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Velocipede and Tandem Hares

 Well, I know I know, I am a wretchedly irregular blogger. So sorry. My youngest went off to kindergarten this fall and I wanted to really spend time with my children-savor these last precious days of innocence. I can now, whoop and holler, paint more than  two days a week. Now I can spend time progressing my career as an artist without simultaneously admiring the latest earthworadmonishing the latest indoor muddy footprint. 
 So here are two new paintings from the first two weeks of school. They are for a one night happening- the Staches and Spokes show here in Santa Rosa this coming Saturday from 3-8 PM. Its a moustach competition and bike art show. lol...and I have been wanting to paint animeoples on bikes so here you have it- Velocipede and Tandem Hares.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Opening Tonight!!

Hello Kind Reader. I thought I should let you know that we will be having a free art project for kids at the opening tonight. Benjamin and Phineas are leading it for the first two hours (4-6) before they are carted off to be sat upon. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

June 9th Reception at RiskPress Gallery in Sebastopol

I sure hope, Kind Reader, that you can come to this opening! Almost all new work. Mostly animeoples but also my newest persimmon piece. Its a DIY show- I have to do it all-promo/card/food/even sitting the gallery. yikes. Man do I need to find gallery representation! On the other hand- full take on anything's nice. I'll be in the gallery when I can through June, but please schedule a visit if you want to get in and peruse the art at a certain time.

 Pictured here is the back of the postcard (thus the spot for an address).The front is Magnolia Dancers (see last post). I will send you a card if you send me your address (don't assume I have it! I am highly disorganized). I will email one to my 'list' today...or tomorrow. I have to pick up the little one and then the bigger one in an hour and then cart them off to a cubscout bridging ceremony in the woods, so tomorrow is looking more likely! ;-)

btw- the little Rhino boy is one of 15 small 3.5 x 5"panels (re-purposed linoleum samples) all hanging together on a re-purposed door for an interactive piece (you get to flip the samples about- they are awesome 1970's colors/patterns in warm neutral tones and wood). The piece is called "No Child Left Behind". Ironically the pieces were dropped off in Phineas's preschool anonymously- so..the school theme. All kids going back from present to the 1600's. The little Rhino with his stick and hoop is a tribute to my awesome friend Sarah who paints lovely Rhino's (or rather lovely gods and goddesses in Rhino form). check her out at

I sure hope you can come to the show!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dancing Magnolia and Spring


Magnolia Dancers
18" x 40.5"

actually Kind Reader- I have finished quite a few pieces. I'm trying to get it all together for my solo show at RiskPress Gallery this coming June (opening probably June 2nd). So no more big oils- no time! Instead all the other bleh stuff to do- promotion, cards, web site updates, framing. all that joy. I will scan and post my newer watercolors and all the small drawing Im doing for a 'reuse' interactive piece when I get a few more minutes. Don't hold your breath!

Meanwhile I made a cloak for my soon to be 8 year olds birthday. They get a big birthday every other year. This year it's Benjamins turn. We seem to be raising a big hearted geek. Could be worse! And look at this pose. It was so worth the hours spent sewing this lined velveteen cloak to see him get in the mode with it on. And yes- he is on the roof on a windy day. lol.

In case you still think I am being lazy I made this arch to hold up our lemon and apricot tree on the front path. I still need two more small old windows for the upper sections, so Kind Reader, if you have one sittin about please drop it off.

Goodness is spring here? It is on my mantel! I had a few little stuffed birds left over from a large baby mobile I made for some good friends who just adopted a baby. the flowers are washed wool and vintage buttons. Easy fun crafty stuff. Happy Spring!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Persimmon Flight

Persimmon Flight
oil on carved wood
30" x 40" (or something like that)

The deep winter blues had me wanting some eye candy art. I sure do love painting persimmons.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Flying and Sisters

6" x 8"

Sorry kind Reader, I'm sure you've been thinking I dropped off the face of the art world. Actually I finished "Flying" last year before the holidays, and "Sisters more recently. Times are just bustling with family birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and in-law visits, not to mention three different workshops I led. But the holidays are behind us and I am going full throttle. My littlest has turned five. That's right- He's SCHOOL aged. granted he isn't in kindergarten yet BUT just knowing before this year is out I will have more regular painting time is enormous. It is incfredibly difficult to be an artist mom with little ones running about. Creating art is alluring and intense and it gives one grey hairs trying to be simultaneously mom and artist. It is, admittedly, when I loose my patience. So I look forward to quality time with my studio all morning, and quality time with my children all afternoon.
At any rate, here they are- two new watercolors- painted on the two mornings a week my now 5 year old is in preschool.

9" x 8"
Do you know what movie still I borrowed this image from? I'll give you a clue- it was a black and white movie made in a country I get to visit next month. !!