Tuesday, May 8, 2012

June 9th Reception at RiskPress Gallery in Sebastopol

I sure hope, Kind Reader, that you can come to this opening! Almost all new work. Mostly animeoples but also my newest persimmon piece. Its a DIY show- I have to do it all-promo/card/food/even sitting the gallery. yikes. Man do I need to find gallery representation! On the other hand- full take on anything sold...so...that's nice. I'll be in the gallery when I can through June, but please schedule a visit if you want to get in and peruse the art at a certain time.

 Pictured here is the back of the postcard (thus the spot for an address).The front is Magnolia Dancers (see last post). I will send you a card if you send me your address (don't assume I have it! I am highly disorganized). I will email one to my 'list' today...or tomorrow. I have to pick up the little one and then the bigger one in an hour and then cart them off to a cubscout bridging ceremony in the woods, so tomorrow is looking more likely! ;-)

btw- the little Rhino boy is one of 15 small 3.5 x 5"panels (re-purposed linoleum samples) all hanging together on a re-purposed door for an interactive piece (you get to flip the samples about- they are awesome 1970's colors/patterns in warm neutral tones and wood). The piece is called "No Child Left Behind". Ironically the pieces were dropped off in Phineas's preschool anonymously- so..the school theme. All kids going back from present to the 1600's. The little Rhino with his stick and hoop is a tribute to my awesome friend Sarah who paints lovely Rhino's (or rather lovely gods and goddesses in Rhino form). check her out at sarahsoward.com.

I sure hope you can come to the show!


  1. Yay rhino! He's lovely, Sharon. And thank you for the shout out. :)

    I'm planning on making it to your opening reception! I'll actually be on the correct land mass.

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