Monday, October 14, 2013

All Together Now

Hello Kind Reader! Did I tell you? I have finally conquered the beast that is Wordpress and built a new website. This newbie has a blog in tow so I will no longer be posting here. Though I still love the idea for the combination of home and art as a balancing act (ain't it though?) I am focusing on just showcasing newer work. But perhaps occasionally I will need a rant space and here is as good as any. Meanwhile please go to to see what I'm up to. Oh but what the heck- here's my newest little watercolor. Come to the Wanderlust show this December at Modern Eden Gallery in SF to see it and its two sisters.

Eberhardt watercolor 5" x 7"

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Invasive Youth

Dear Reader,
I am happy to say I shall hold off on doing more large paintings for a bit. in fact. now this biggie is done I plan to do an illustration commission, then its down to business. I really do not excel at the business side of being an artist. But the time has come, the walrus much easier just to paint!

Invasive Youth 31" x 66"
the whole painting... but not particularly color correct- kinda washed out and blue. sigh...Mongooses are an invasive species in Hawaii (where I took the photo of the foliage). Children are an invasive species in my home...if, like the mongooses, innocent. Little red bird watches and observes. as always grumble grumble...I hate the process of reproduction. To get this above image i tiled 5 different photos together. There is all sorts of distortion because of this! Have fun finding it- its like a picture game. (Ill post a overexposed version at the bottom that hasnt been tiled so you can compare).

here is my partial image with the notion of tiling the 3 pics together. unfortunately although this one is good the others sucked!


 close up1

close up 2

Monday, August 26, 2013

Endless Geyser of Awesome

Hello Kind Reader,

Are you wondering why I haven't posted anything for awhile? I've been working on quite a large piece. I am almost done. almost. Just one tricky Papaya to go.
Meanwhile check out these great write ups I received recently! Here's a write up on Mona Llama by Archie McPhee. How awesome is that! I made it into their "Endless Geyser of Awesome."
And Laughing Squid, our SF art reviewer, choose my piece as the center piece for their article.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mona Llama in Mona Show at Modern Eden Gallery

The Mona show is Saturday July 20th- Aug. 9th at a sweet surrealist gallery in Northbeach, SF called Modern Eden. Most months Modern Eden curates a solo show and also a group show on a theme. I painted Mona Llama for this months theme. Another respite from the LARgE and very detailed painting Im currently working on. Should be a fun show!
check out the details at:

Mona Llama 14" x 10"
I'll be at the opening on Saturday the 20th! Hope to see you there!

New Watercolors from a While Back

well Kind Reader, as you might know, I have been working on some bigger pieces to court a really pretty great gallery. But sometimes I have to take a break and enjoy a piece that only asks for a few days to complete. These two watercolors were completed between the last big one and the one that currently looms on my easel. i forgot to post them. sorry.

"Ze-Bike" 6 x 9.5"
"Through the Park"5.5 x 9"

Friday, April 5, 2013

Another Even Bigger

Hedge Row
about 5' x 3'
Oil on carved Wood 

And since it is difficult to see the details on my larger paintings, especially the long horizontal/vertical ones, here are some close-ups for ya...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Deviation for A New Year!

Jungle Song
oil on wood
36" x something like 24"? Too lazy to 
Well- it IS the first of the new year kind reader. I am embracing color! And size! My next piece will also be painted into and around an ornate frame- about 5' wide by 30" tall. fun fun fun. I am preparing bigger pieces for a gallery that only sells larger works. Hopefully they will represent me and I want to be ready with this new series of animeoples when that time comes.
Yes- glare on the piece. This year I resolve to actually hire professional photographers to properly capture my paintings! 
Not to worry, I dO plan to still paint smaller watercolors to show in the berkeley gallery and elsewhere. The large ones will take months each. yikes. And yet I look forward into settling into these larger works, like Jungle Song above, in all her glorious detail.
btw- I sold my larger piece Dream of God as well as Magnolia Dancers, and the ocean fairy house, all in the last month. Out of 2012 with a bang!