Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Velocipede and Tandem Hares

 Well, I know I know, I am a wretchedly irregular blogger. So sorry. My youngest went off to kindergarten this fall and I wanted to really spend time with my children-savor these last precious days of innocence. I can now, whoop and holler, paint more than  two days a week. Now I can spend time progressing my career as an artist without simultaneously admiring the latest earthworadmonishing the latest indoor muddy footprint. 
 So here are two new paintings from the first two weeks of school. They are for a one night happening- the Staches and Spokes show here in Santa Rosa this coming Saturday from 3-8 PM. Its a moustach competition and bike art show. lol...and I have been wanting to paint animeoples on bikes so here you have it- Velocipede and Tandem Hares.