Saturday, January 16, 2010

a Little Peek, a Little Tongue and Cheek

European Knockers

It's really hard to imagine what I was thinking when I carried a almost solid metal door knocker back from a trip to Florence, Italy. But goodness the knockers on doors across Italy are magnificent. I photographed a few of them, naked women hanging out of the mouths of dogs and catorted faces. And of course there is the silly lewd humor of "nice knockers" which ran rampant as my good friend Annetta and I walked all about (often lost). So this piece, which is going into a SF erotic art show on January 29th, is quite tongue and cheek. It is lite on the inside so you, the viewer, can actually, voyeuristic-ally, peek in and see this:

And then open the box to reveal a painted collage of all the boobs of famous paintings from European history (or at least a good deal of them).

and the classic geranium, bringing green and spots of color to balconies across Europe, winds over the sides of the piece.

Normans Uncle recently suggested I should take up painting porn to make money. Not exactly the most compatible line of work with being a Mommy. I'd have to throw covers over my unfinished, and done pieces, not to mention I'd be blushing all the time.
Still, I hope, painting nudes (which I still often do), at least my boys won't have a airbrushed magazine idea of what a woman looks like, and they will, hopefully, be able to look at a nude painting as viewers of beauty and the body as a vehicle for an idea, seeing beyond the nipples.


  1. Yeah, I have to experiment with forging some knockers soon. They aren't that tough to make and could be pretty awesome (though they'd never be as refined as the cast ones).

  2. Hey mark-
    I can't wait to see fabulous knockers you come up with!
    and thank you for your previous comment re. teh tarot reading. I appreciated your honesty and insightfulness (which I guess isn't actually a word but should be).