Monday, January 11, 2010

Persimmons in the Winter so Easy To Look At

.Persimmon Dreams 40"W

I do so love to paint Persimmon trees in the winter. This painting is for the Santa Rosa Arts Council Competition, if the little tinnie entry form miraculously wasn't lost in the mail. Somewhat pedestrian, but I fear the world of art in Sonoma County is, for the most part, quite pedestrian, or trys too hard to be modern, probably in protest of the banal plein air paintings that seem to dot this coast in a North Bay fog of blandness. So I made a nice painting with an interesting surface-layers and layers and carving, but easy to look at without being too mind bendingly odd. I might add some reflected red light. Or not.


  1. I really like this painting, Sharon....I am not just saying that because I'm hoping to sweet-talk my way into your fairy house class ;)

    I like the lantern with the persimmons........I am too tired to say more now, but your persimmons painting brings me back to other paintings and my wish to paint persimmons instead of standing here typing instead of sitting down and reading Short Girls or sleeping or folding laundry (while I sleep....) An unexpected 2 hours on my hands and what to do??? I'm typing...Well, looking at pictures makes it worthwhile!

  2. I love this piece! You know my thing for birds and trees, add in the Lanterns and I am magnetized to this paiting... So...did they let you enter it in the show??

    If not, are you going to price and sell this one? My humble opinion is you should give the right of first refusal to your current paiting owners! ;)

  3. I love this one too.