Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fairy House Workshop and A Note To Self


Wow- now I know why people teach- besides that one can actuallly make a bit (and I mean only a bit) of money doing it-teaching is a great source of inspiration and ideas! And how fun it is to share something that is fun with others. I've taught a couple single adults to build fairy houses and a few kids but never with the amount of time or the number of people this last workshop had. The houses they built were spectacular- I'm proud of all of them. I really couldn't get them to stop, they were so engrossed with their projects, and our four hour workshop ran on an additional three hours! And when parents took over house building I showed the two boys how to make beds and swings and other fairy house furniture to furnish their lovely homes! even the dad who rolled his eyes at the idea of crafting being a fun and relaxing way to spend the day, found himself having to change drastically his opinion and really got into it. But then, really, building a fairy house is sculpture- an architectural sculpture.

But Oh kind reader, please slap me for trying to do TOO much in a weekend! First an art opening in SF on friday night with a drop off and late pick up of the boys at a very kind friends home near the show. There is no way to go to SF in the evening and not come home quite late these days- the drive is easily an hour and a half each way. (The opening went well at least in numbers as the floor was packed with gawkers- even with the door charge. And many an interesting conversation was had on the grey area between erotic art and porn- when does one stop and the other start? but that is a different blog all together). Then rushing about in the morning to prep art to send with the oh so good and helpful Hubby to the show up in Cloverdale, and the last few things for the workshop. Then the 7 hour workshop, the last few hours in which I had little Phin to entertain, and then making dinner because I still have that hat to don as well...Somehow in all of it I misread when I could drop off artwork for the local National Arts competition and so the painting I had so cleverly made to order didn't make it into the show.
It was too much. Too much too much. I felt like such a gosh-darn idiot, but really it was just athat it was too much. Note to self.

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  1. Oh not- way too too much! But I'm glad the workshop went so well. The houses look really great.