Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beware of God


Beware of God
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My son is very inquisitive about the universe and its many properties. He likes to discuss God. What is God? If God made us who made God. This sort of philosophical discussion. So I painted this one with benjmain in mind. It is a discussion painting- what is God? Is the tree God (and if it is is it dead or dormant or...)? Is the Boy God? The old mans eye in all its grey shades, or the black and white child's eye? Or is the art God (we used to make these in camp and for some reason, though it was not religious camp, the finished weaving was called a Gods Eye) ? Is the grass? Is the fence? Is the peeling wall or the broken cement?
And of course the warning- Beware of God. Of the notion of God? Or the attempt to identify God/define God? The following of a religion? Or Beware- as in 'be in awe of' God? Or just a silly sign. A sign from God? ha ha ha.
I'm not sure if the painting is done (particularly the foreground) but its going on a little journey friday so I thought Id post it.

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