Saturday, December 19, 2009

Journey to the Southlands and a Zillion Projects


Hello my hopeful readers. We are all so hopeful these days. Hoping to stay afloat on the receding financial waters of our economy, hoping to suddenly be discovered, hoping all the good things last, hoping Sharon will actual write another blog entry someday...
Well here it is! That's one thing checked off your crowded list.
I went away. To LA. That's Los Angeles. For the holiday. The OTHER holiday. not Christmas. Its like the Other white meat- only we don't eat pork. yup.
Almost all the galleries I'd earmarked for checking out while down south were gone, vacated, kaput. Obviously next time I better check how long they'd been around and call them to make sure they were still hanging in there (pun intended). I did get over to The Glass Garage, where I someday hope to show my work. Its fabulous, but out of my league. That is the league of artists who no one has heard of. But they show great surreal/magical realism styles paintings. They show the work of Margo Selski, who I want to emulate. I really hope she is older than I am because one might get to feeling bad about what one has or hasn't accomplished in comparison. Three young daughters and a professor of art and her awesome narrative paintings are selling for upwards of 16K. That seems like a good reality...if busy. Do you know her? Because I'd really love to get her on the phone and ask how the HECK she does it. And she manages to keep her backgrounds almost abstract, drawing ones eye to certain areas (instead of allll areas which I can't seem to get away from). But I was thrilled to visit the Glass Garage which its very kind currator on a rainy day. And I did find one other gallery down in Venice Beach that might be interested, maybe, in a year, maybe. I really need to talk to an artist that knows LA, to give me the shake down.
meanwhile, back at studio central I have three unfinished paintings, some in the throws of some really hard to look at underpainting tones, one painting drawn and waiting that needs to be finished by early January for a local competition, and I just got a bread and butter job painting personalized holiday ornaments. It'll buy the butter but not the bread. AND I have a cold.
But life is good and instead of working I got in the hot tub with the boys and plan to walk and look at all the lovely holiday lights this evening with good friends.
I hope you are well!


  1. You inspired me to take a moment to ponder my latest reason for having a destroyed work place - and I am darned proud of what I've created...

    Even if the dishes are piled a mile high in the sink! If only I had a hot tub like you!

    Glad to hear you found your own art role model, and so happy to the good friend who toured the local light scene with you!

  2. Hope is my family motto. Dum Spiro Dum Spero or reversed perhaps I never remember.
    Which is to be part of my mangled latin series: Dim Sparrow Dumb Sparrow :-)
    Nice post, glad you a chance to wander!

  3. ooo- a series- can't wait to see your dim sparrow Adrian.:)What is your website/blog again?? And speaking of wandering- after the holidays are behind us will you and Liz be a wandering or could we actually see y'all?

  4. You have a hot tub?

    I'm glad you still have hope left. I haven't got any of that but I will say that we still keep plodding on much as though we did.

    That's a bummer about so many galleries being closed down. I'm glad you got at least one hopeful connection.

    I think you constantly sell yourself short. I know that it's pretty brutal trying to break into galleries and it's pretty classic for excellent creative people to struggle a lot to get anywhere- but one thing I know for sure is that your work is amazing and unique and sometimes when you talk about wanting to emulate other artists and you wonder how the heck they do it all- I ask myself the same question of you and think that it's the other way around- If you got the exposure your work deserves I feel certain you would have other artists wanting to emulate your work.