Sunday, May 9, 2010

An Interum Rabbit


Oh dear Reader, you must forgive me my seemingly lackadaisical attitude! I have been sick for three weeks! A cold a flu and then a sinus infection have kept me from my studio, and sad unforeseen events like the passing of my daycare providers mother. But my studio awaits and I walk down there with a head that has mostly surfaced from the sea of ick, longing to paint! Meanwhile, couch ridden, images and ideas come to me in droves and with them the impatience to translate them to paper and wood. The drawing is part of a set of ideas for more 'Animeople' small paintings. I studied Ren-Wu Hwa: the traditional chainese painting of people, when I lived in Taiwan and I think it would be wonderful to do a couple of classic styled paintings (in oil, not watercolor) with the addition, of course, of the totemic/symbolic animal head. Also others based on classic Indian art (which I copied profusely in my travels). And and and

Meanwhile, between colds, and before flu I had a fabulous opening at Periscope Cellars Gallery in Emeryville, selling a few paintings, a bunch of small prints in antique frames, and making some connections that I hope will turn into wonderful collaborations. Yay!


  1. ~Karla5/10/2010

    oh, Sharon, she is lovely!

  2. thanks! Shes a study though for a future painting. I want to add details (grass and flowers)to the gown.:)

  3. This is absolutely beautiful. I look forward to seeing the final version.

    Hope you are soon feeling better, I've had more than my share of viruses this spring and can sympathize totally.