Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Aeronaut and the Business of Being

umm...about a foot high?
better pic coming SOON esp. now that I added one of the first dirigibles in the background sky!

And then I was busy.
With a fairy house workshop in less than two weeks two commissioned portraits (with people heads), a misc. hubcap project, and two large solo shows on the horizon I am a busy busy Mommy. This morning Phineas and I strolled through the old rural graveyard in a light rain, collecting moss for fairy house carpets. I love moss- I love its delicate tiny world- leaves like little stars or plush vibrant tiny fern leaves. An entire garden in an inch of ground. And then to the thrift store for small antique looking frames for prints of the Animeople paints. The framed prints sold well at the last show- the Sci Fi/Fantasy show.

One more Animeople done, 19 or so to go! This one fits into my steam punk-y show as well for September. Of course its a horrid reproduction, as always. The sky should have a slight pink hue and the coat and basket are a tad dark alas. But- come on- its been perpetually raining for weeks! What can an art photographer do??

I'm sorry kind reader, have I mentioned that my good friend Sarah termed my miniature animal headed portraits as my 'Animeople' paintings (that's anim(al)-(p)eople) and I so like the word- it wonderfully has no 'ism' and no 'ist'. So I will go to the side bar in this here blog and change it from 'minitures'...when I'm not so busy. which I am. Did I mention I'm rather busy?

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  1. I just lost a the comment I wrote you. Dang it. I am so happy to hear you're busy doing art and fun things like collecting mosses! It sounds like you're busy in the best possible way right now.