Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All the Pretty Projects


In preparation for Benjamin's big sixth birthday the boys art has spilled over into my studio. But I love the combination! I know its trendy but seeing the lighthearted images juxtaposed with my more realistic art is why (at least visually) I love to drop cartoons into my paintings. I've been spending as much time helping Ben prep his Pokemon party decorations and pinata as actually spending time in the studio. Here's a sneak peek:

project #1- a future zoetrope for the Hand Car Regata show. Sides and front will be based on hand shadows taking flight. Should I bend wood or starch canvas? It awaits decisions.

project #2- a 3D representation of the forth dimension as defined by a tesseract and an apple tree. More on that later.

project #3- Now stuffed and painted, our Pekachu is ready to be destroyed. Pinatas are such a lesson in letting go of the finished product! Each one is a sort of performance art, as it is pummeled by small children with large sticks. Sorta like the monks and their sand art that they mystically blow away at the end- only smaller, greedier, meaner.

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  1. finding my way back to your blog today i am drawn in by so much i have missed over a few months and those sweet images of a fabulous party day gone by. i love visiting you on your blog and hearing your calm and poetic thoughts of family life interwoven with your creative world. so good!