Saturday, July 11, 2009

Letting Go of the Original Vision


4'X2' Letting Go

The balloons were tied to my clothes line for a week. I took so many photos of them out in the sun I near on got sun stroke. From sun stroke to brush stroke. Sounds like the title of an article in Weekend Artists magazine. Originally and until a couple days ago the balloons were multi-colored. I just couldn't balance all that brightness. Finally I realized they needed to be all white to blend with the sky and I had to let go of that original vision. But what a fabulous example of how layering can really add dimension and enhance the finished piece. I think if there hadn't been a bright orange, celadon blue, and grass green balloon in the mix it never would have glowed like this final painting.

I've never painted clouds before (or balloons) on such a scale and it was quite challenging and fun. I held Benjamins hand in the air and sketched it directly onto the painting. His little fingers flexed and rolled and straightened alien long but the final, I think, worked out so all is well. Thank goodness the boys don't mind being free models. (okay perhaps there was a promise of ice cream).


  1. Anonymous7/15/2009

    I love your stuff! I think it is all great. And I love reading about your life and emotions and routines, all the mememe is a lot more universal than you may think. You don't understand how other moms do so much more? Nothing is for free, even if you can't see the cost of it. I don't understand how YOU do so much more ... than me. We never stop comparing and striving for more, it puts us down.. and make us fly. Know that everything you do is plenty - anything more is extra bonus material. Stay true to yourself and you will inspire further than you will ever know with your work. Love, Lene

  2. Thank you for your supportive encouraging words! I would love to be anyones inspiration.

  3. Yeah, what Lene said! All of it.