Thursday, July 16, 2009

General Quail, Another Miniature Painting

Here you are my revered readers- another miniature painting.
This series is so impractical. So much little detail in such a small piece! But I'm strangely entertained by these odd little animal people of the past. I strayed a bit on General Quail, giving him his clover background instead of the more traditional curtains or what have you. Though, when I taught the history of Elizabethan Miniature painting I loved best the symbolism some artists worked into the background. I recall flames and rose vines. All suggesting burning desire and etc etc. So perhaps this skinny necked General is looking for his lucky clover? Or perhaps just looking to eat the bug that ate the leaf.
This one will hang by a ribbon bow, traditional style, attached to the back.

I've just drawn today a Miniature Squirrel Nobel Lady. Very Ornate. Never will you meet more regal a squirrel ("I want a trained squirrel!"). Coming soon to a blog near you!

Benjamin is in summer school in the mornings and yet somehow I am getting LESS done when he is gone, still trailed by the grasping hands of young Phineas. I hope this is not a foreshadowing of my [lack of] activities during kindergarten. Still I must remind myself daily to spend some time with my older son while I still have him, mostly, to myself. So today with an odd overlap of daycare I was able to play Candyland with Ben for a precious untoddlerated hour.

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