Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Possibilities of a Fabulous Garage Sale Find

Our old friend Mike stayed with us this weekend. He gave me a dollar every time I had to squeeze into the back seat between the kids two car seats. I don't much like mini-vans and I wouldn't buy an SUV but sometimes I do wish we had a bigger car. Still, I made almost ten dollars over two days by insisting we stop at every garage sale we came to (and then squeezing back into my squish spot). On one of these stops Mike persuaded me to purchase this fabulous Tampax dispenser. I plan to weld on groves so I can drop a board/sign down the front listing what I want to dispense. Won't it be superb?! After it is filled with small rolled up photo copies I shall put it up at art shows and make a whopping 50 cents per piece (or sell the whole thing for some exorbitant amount). Every tenth try will still be a Tampax.

But there are just so many choices of what to dispense with! So you, kind reader, must help me out by voting for what you think I should start with. Or if you have some other brilliant idea please comment. Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. That is such a fantastic find! I hope you'll have something besides tampons to dispense by the time I visit (if, indeed, we get to).