Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ibis, Another Miniature Painting, and the Possibility of Interviews


Ibis 6"X 4"

Just a quick post today. I don't usually post on the weekend (you know, in the TWO big weeks I've been blogging so far!) but I am trying to write at least three week day posts a week and last week was a bit post slim.

All this blogging about myself feels so narcissistic, and anyway, how much can I personally write about being both parent and artist? So I am compiling a list of interview questions for parents who make art at home while they also don the mantle of parent. It may take some time to actually finish these lists and pin down interview times so please, kind reader, bear with me and all this me-me-me-writing until then. I promise the interviews will be worth waiting for!

My miniatures aren't all that miniature, just so you know. Ibis was actually the first one, and a bit rough, but also the smallest (by a couple inches). I added the curtain last night, which helped ground the bird. And Jackel is done as of last night as well, but too wet to photograph.


  1. I do like ground bird :-)

    It's a very cool painting. But maybe that's cause I like birds, just did a whole series for my graduating class:

  2. I think it's interesting how self conscious you are about writing about what's going on with you, your art, and your kids. I have been waiting for you to do this forever because I WANT to hear all about YOU YOU YOU. You are far away from me and I miss you and this gives me an opportunity to check in and hear your thoughts. Lots of people feel the way you do. I never feel narcissistic talking about myself on my blog any more than I feel narcissistic talking to my friends. My blog did, in fact, become my way to "talk" with my friends.

    So if you get all non-personal on me I'm going to cry!!! However, I do think I will very much enjoy your interviews of other people too.