Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shows Over and Benjamins First Art Sales

Well, kind Reader, and so ends my back to back shows. Fun socially but not paying off any credit card debt any time soon. And I now have quite a few bottles of wine left over to drown my artist angst in, since not many spectators wanted wine in this hot weather.

But Benjamin came home pockets bulging with his earnings. A casual comment about 'passing the hat' and he took to doing dance/performance art to onlookers at Periscope gallery. To his amazement coins really were dropped into his hat. He then went on to draw little pictures for the onlookers and amassed almost six dollars in change. He refused to pay the bridge toll though so any hopes that he'll start supporting me were dashed on the rocks.

Two commissions in the works. One an owl in a tree straight up and the other a double portrait. And the next Animeople painting coming soon, titled, "Birds of Prey". Really I am too tired and need to take time off. Ha ha ha. Not likely. Being a mom and an artist is lovely- two fabulous jobs which I enjoy, up to about 4 o'clock every day, whereupon I would like to curl up in a warm place somewhere and sleep for a quarter century. And today, at 4:00 I only feel the pull of half eaten apples and forgotten lettuce turning into smelly liquid, books socks and toys strewn about, dust buffaloes on parade behind doors, dinner to cook, boys to teach and clean, projects unfinished, holes in fences and cracks in ceilings.

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