Wednesday, March 10, 2010

September Show During the Hand Car Regatta, or One Bird In the Coop, and One Flew Away

What a strange conflicting day. On the one hand I found a locale to show my work during the Santa Rosa Hand Car Regatta. Burned out on the gallery beat I choose an 'alternative' spot- a hip hair cutting spot called Devils and Queens, with good white walls- right on 4th street in Railroad Square (the regatta will go down forth this year so- yay!). So starting Sept 9th Ill have over 20 pieces up there to peruse, and Ill come up with a sorta opening invite and hang about with friends and fans there during the Hand Car Regatta, Sept. 26th. But the gallery quest goes on- another rejection that started as a "yes- we want a studio visit to pick out pieces for a summer show" and then, weirdly, faded into a "we already have an artist somewhat like you, sorry, maybe in a year, you have great potential but not there yet". She thought I was 25, and new from art school. yeash. I guess I need to swap out my google photo for something more um...aged? Or switch to my FizzGigg profile. yeash again. Am I burning bridges by being honest in this blog? Make myself seem unsuccessful and thus create my lack of success? perhaps. This one curator said she doesn't ever read blogs. Perhaps that is fairly true to gallery directors across the board. I am almost able to get my newer work onto my website. soon soon soon.

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