Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fairy House Plus Box Art Equals...Sculptural Painting?


Five Cherries
varnished manzanita branches, oil on wood.
About uh...18" high? The boxes are 4 or 5" square (I'm too lazy to go to the studio the measure the darn thang right now. Ive been moving concrete blocks all morning in an attempt to create a patio out of recycled materials.... not to mention scouring the neighborhood for our lost chicken, who I found and lured home with bits of Challah bread.)
Definitely spring inspired. Its so colorful and happy I might shock people. After Beware of God I was feeling the need for more obvious color.

I need to reshoot this side view- funny angles- they hang straight of course and the painting can hang on the wall or sit with a weight in it.

close up of one side. How the heck do I photograph this painting? Its 19plus sided!! Video perhaps. I envy the days before tech took over the business of art, when Gallery curators and buyers had to come and see ones work. The audience was smaller, I suppose, but the artists didn't have to spend hours of good painting time taking digital images and uploading them and photo-shopping this and that and web site maintenance. What a headache!

At any rate the piece is based on a poem I wrote when preggers. I wrote the three stanzas on the bottom of each box and the extra bit of the last part on the side of the box (you can kinda see it in the side view). I feel rather self-conscious about displaying a poem publicly. I'm still torn as to whether I shouldn't paint it out, but I bravely record it here.

And he'll chase the fat yellow finches from the cherry tree
catch them by their golden wings
as they fall into winter.

and next...once again which direction to go in? 3D rep of 4D with painted parts...or reg. ole paintings geared for the steampunk show based on epiphanies and children in trees? Or more branches shooting out and around? I try to limit myself and look what happens!! Too many ideas! tell me what to do kind reader, do tell? And what do you think of this latest 'branching out'?


  1. I love this! The colors, the organic and inorganic shapes, the theme... everything about this is fresh.

    As for the poem, thank you for being willing to share it here. My personal preference would be to either display it fully or hide it fully. If it's there, I want to be able to read it. Painted on the bottom surfaces, one would have to handle the piece to read it properly, which is usually a no-no.

    With regard to a direction to take your art, I guess some things to consider are: Which style will sell the best? Which muse/spirit/style moves you the most or gives you the most satisfaction? How do you want your body of work to be considered? Do you want to be in just one genre or multiple genres? Etc...

  2. PS. Of course all of the above should be taken with a grain of salt because I don't know doodly about art, just my personal opinions! :)

  3. Anonymous4/11/2010

    From candle molds to fairy art. How fantastic it is for me to stumbled on to your blog. I love what you have made. I have a fairy garden that starts in the early spring and gos to mid to late fall.

    I'd stick with the 3D. The imagination with art is a wondrous thing, clogging it with two many directions only leads to confusion... Keep it rich & simple.

    Michele N...Freecycle Moderator