Thursday, August 13, 2009

A New Painting


Trying something new. A drawing from my sketch book as source (not source of inspiration-that happens often, but source of photo). Usually I have photos to work from and so my work gets rather tight. So this time I can't take photos. The tree was drawn in Normandy at the base of Mont San Michelle, the girl at a cafe, and the little rower from my head. I did abscond with a photo from the internet for the rower, as he is a bit rough comparatively.
So you can see my usual process though. I transferred the drawing with some really horrid carbon paper that gave me just enough of a line here and there to be able to use my Chinese brush and ink to find the rest of the drawing on the wood. Then a bit of staining and Ill carve - the tree and...? there's so many ways to go from here!

Its been really bloody hot and my studio is my garage, oh joy, so one wall is a huge metal heat radiating monstrosity. I hung a red heat repelling blanket on it and various sketches but lordy lordy that didn't do much. So I can only be in there for short periods of time right now (in the winter it is icy cold, but heaters do better than fans at battling extremes of temp.)

I really ought to be updating the work on my web site or mopping or some such domestic chore, but I fear my brain has melted. So I'm off to stare blankly at the piles of laundry and toys and smears of dirt in the shape of small fingers.

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  1. I'm going to go stare blankly at several piles of laundry right now! Sorry about the heat. I guess I brought it with me to CA and left it there? It's been more bearable (mostly) here. I hope it has cooled down now for you.