Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kindergarten and Beyond the Used Car Fiasco and a New Box


My goodness, this feels like my old attempts at keeping a journal when I was a child. Almost every entry started with 'well, I haven't written in a long time...'. But I swear this time is an anomaly. I've been dealing with the great used car search (three potential cars didn't even pass their diagnostic tests). I totaled my old wagon and had only a couple weeks to find a new one. I now know a great deal about used wagons of all makes, as well as newer small SUV types (feel free to pick my brain if you need to). Suffice to say I didn't get a speck of painting in. So you can imagine my JOY at finally getting to not only paint again but with Benjamin starting kindergarten getting to paint 3 days and 2 evenings a week!! I might try to find some solid paying sort of work one morning a week (to pay for my CAR payments- my increasingly badly adult and complex existence in America that consists of buying things then insuring those things. House and Cars and Health and etc etc and with ALL of that I still think its sad I didn't save enough so I could go out and get a big screen TV. Yeash. Hook line and sinker capitalist. And wasn't I clever to go to ART school? So I could make buckets of money after graduation? There really must be a better way!)
As I was saying. Benjamin started kindergarden. See the days stretching out as his body stretches up and his mind expands to encompass so much information and to develope and determine who he is and who he will be. His first step on a long path to himself. Here he is starting out! Day 1 of a possible 3,600+.

I'm almost done with that last painting- "Rower", though it needs to sit and think about itself a bit. Meanwhile on to a new hanging box painting. A peek into the process. I am really not careful enough with measuring- my craft lacks. But the box comes together after some tops and bottoms and a lot of sanding. How modern these cubical box paintings for small spaces. How modular. Its so Dwell Magazine.


  1. Good god- Ben looks so grown up!!!!! I cannot believe that he is the same fat sweet little lima bean I knew years ago and here he is getting so lean and mature looking! So excited that you have more time now. Kindergarten was a revelation for me. Seriously like suddenly sprouting wings and getting to fly a little. He's going to start learning crazy fast and it will turn you upside down!

    So have you landed a car yet? What did you choose?

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  3. Did you keep the Element?

  4. Yes! I kept the Element. I love it. I call her the Gidget Bus. I couldn't have taken Gidget back anyway. I didn't pay the extra 75 dollars for that option and anyway- it wasn't THAT bad a deal. I just wish they had designed the Element with a third seat instead of cup holders, and windows that actually come down in the back seat. Other than that it's a fun quirky design.

  5. I know. Those are our problems with it, too. Since we don't have a sunroof anymore, the back is pretty enclosed.