Saturday, September 11, 2010

Overlaping Shows and Workshop Deals

first of all a
Special Workshop Offer!!
sign up one child for september 19th Woodland house workshop, sign up second sibling for half off!

I hung up the solo show at daredevils and Queens in Railroad square amidst dye jobs flashing aluminum foil glares on my paintings and the warm sound of blow dryers. It was a challenging space- with only one spot in each space between mirrors on the fabulous cement walls, and a dry wall white holey nightmare on the other side. But it came together. I even have Inside Out House glowing in the hair washing room straightto the back. So go on by if you can and wander through, or get a cool punk rock hair do while studying Sid Vicious with a steller jay head. And join me for the opening, during the Hand Car regatta, 11-3 on Sept. 26th.
Orrrr, gentle Reader, if you miss it, come visit the Animeople paintings that will be marched over to Periscope gallery in the East Bay, for the Animal Pop show, opening October 1st!
busy busy busy bee me.
and until I get over to D and Q and price everything and take pics, here is a visual for you -Phineas making salsa with me...

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  1. good to be busy sometimes :-)
    love the goggles. making salsa is serious business!