Thursday, August 26, 2010


Sid or should I call it Steller Vicious?
I think he's about 12" high- too lazy to walk down to the studio to measure the painting. At any rate I was hanging out in a backyard and this Steller Jay was yelling curses at my cat, and I thought- Jays are the punks of the bird neighborhood. Which led to Sid. I love that Sid Vicious always had the eagle pin on his leather jacket. I imagine a Jay would make the jacket out of cat skin. This Animeople piece is more modern than the others but I just have to expand if I don't get dull by the end of painting 30 some odd of them!

and next up- a bit of a challenge- painting a corset for a friends project. I reallly don't have time to do this but I'm a sucker for an interesting project and its a good excuse to visit with some old friends I haven't seen in some time. I'll post it for you, kind reader, when it's done, but only if most of me is out of sight.
Also getting ready for the show at Daredevils and Queens, going up on the 9th. It really will be an ODD show of lots of different work- not a single series like the April show will be.


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  1. stellar vicious, or maybe scrub vicious :-)
    it's awesome.