Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pictures from The Latest Fairy House Workshop

Someone actually got a picture of me. I'm helping one of the girls make a swing. Can you believe it, kind reader, ten ladies and 12 kids?! And yet- not chaotic. It was at Berkeley Rose school. A Waldorf school in Berkeley hills. My first workshop away from home, it was a lovely 1905 building, very very homey. I lowered the price a bit- 50-60 sliding scale, and made it a potluck lunch. I also simplified the process so that it is in fact possible to finish a house in four hours. woo-hoo! Everyone in this group did fabulously- they were particularly wonderful at listening to their childrens choices and working as a team. And such inventive houses- with bark slides and ladders and swings, little nooks and crow nests with soft moss carpeting. I wanted to live in them!

half way done..

Ladies working. This was towards the end when most of the children had 'finished' and gone out to play for a bit. Funny my last workshop was mostly guys. This one was all women.

a bunch more photos to share but until I get the slide show function sorted out I don't want to inundate you with too many. Im already planning the next workshop for a bunch of home-schoolers. If you are interested in signing up please write me at sharoneisley@sbcglobal.net. Thanks.


  1. nice pictures :)

  2. Hi Sharon! Thanks for the sweet check-in over at my blog and for the kind words :) Great to see you too are still cranking on the artwork (and expanding into fairy houses! Very cool!)

    We're doing fantastically well and it looks like you guys are too! Looks like your workshops are fun and are yielding some lovely results. All best to you, Norman, and the family! :)

    Jim (and Laini says "hi Sharon!" too)

  3. This is beautifull. Very inspiring!