Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When In Home

"When in Home", as in, "When in Rome"(my hubby didn't get it so I'm revealing the obvious for the sake of others who have come home punchy from a long day).
"When in Home", as in , for sanity sake and to create a better quality of life I am always on the lookout for ways to integrate my art into my home and family and my home and family into my art. So yes, it's true, I am using a pun to title my blog. Oh well. If you know my family you would know how appropriate a pun title is. In fact, one might say that I am thus integrating my family into all this, art, home, and blog, as well. And of course, it is near on impossible to escape ones roots.
And to be all stream-of-consciousness-y on you, a new painting popped into my head today of a tree floating in the sky with its roots intertwined below it into Celtic knots. A good challenge to make it seem real. And another pun title? "Painting My Roots" or something dumb like that. Maybe it is a bit schmaltzy but I think it could be beautiful.
But back to this blogging thing. I am slightly dismayed to find myself starting a blog. No, no- you bloggers- don't be offended. Its just I'm not a public person. Sure I don't know when to shut up once I start talking but to go as far as sharing my inner thoughts with the world at large? And yet, painting is necessarily public if one wants to get any feedback and to make a name for oneself or to earn a living. So I'm gettin' with the times. Forgive me if I do go on. Mostly I want to show you my new work, as it percolates, and all the wonderful (and perhaps not so wonderful) ways of dealing with being both Mommy, wife, neighbor, and artist.


  1. I hope you really don't have to "deal" with being a neighbor! Can I help it if I love your work and think you are a fantastic comadre?

  2. Oh Holly- you KNOW I didn't mean it in the negative. You're one of the best things on the block!